12 February 2008

Maybe it's the weather....

I haven't talked about my ankle for a while because it's been feeling pretty much OK. I get the odd ache, but overall it hasn't been bothering me. Until now.

Since sometime yesterday, the top of where the plate is on the outside of my leg (fibula) has been really sore... like it feels bruised.. but there is no visible bruising. Hubby thinks it might be the change in weather (it has warmed up a little again) but I am skeptical.

I am finding myself fidgeting because I tend to hook my left foot behind my right leg while sitting at my desk but in doing so, my left foot presses precisely on the sore point of my right leg. I am OK walking, but the background ache is persistent and about as noticeable as it was back in late November when I first stopped using my cane.

It's annoying, I'll say that much... and it makes me want to just sit somewhere quiet where I can rest my leg comfortably and drink coffee or tea all day... but I don't quite have that luxury.


pastilla said...

:: winces :: Weird question, but are you still doing your PT exercises? Muscles do all kinds of funky things after an accident as serious as yours; if you are skeptical about it being weather related, I'd go back to the physical therapist and get some decent therapy.

I find when I slack off on my stretching exercises for a while, all the muscles that support various broken bones in my body (of which there are many) begin to rebel. It's a pain in the a$$ to remember to do them every day; but a way of life.

Cheryl said...

The one thing I ought to be doing but haven't is leg presses and/or deep knee bends... mainly because these strain my bad knee as much as they help my bad foot.... so I guess I should find a balance.

This weekend of renos though, I have done LOTS of exercising... that foot has moved in every direction thinkable!