19 February 2008

I am starting to hate February.

I think next year I would like to skip straight from January into March, thanks.

This time last year I was very ill. This year, I have a nasty chest cold and Hubby has pneumonia.

Add to that the-renos-that-never-end and this afternoon's LONG wait for a plumber... and well it all adds up to 5 letters: S-U-C-K-S.

Now I am off to sulk a little more... and call the plumber's dispatch... again.



Zézette said...

February always speaks very highly of you, Cheryl, so I think it reflects very badly on you that you bitch about it publicly. Shame!

pastilla said...

I'm with you.

Boo, February! Sucks to be you, Feburary!

Cheryl said...

Nonsense, Zezette, I can trash talk whatever month I please.

Pastilla, thanks much for the solidarity.

Mike DeWolfe said...

February is a mutant month. In my bid to get to a decimal month system, I saw we toss February. Then, hold a vote to toss another month. My vote for that will be August: August is always so hot-- so getting rid of it will be a good thing.
Then all of the months can be nice and predictable: 36.524 days long each.
Think of the money we'll all save on calendars. And Valentines chocolate. And Emperor Augustus cards.

Zézette said...

It's also our crappiest month: hot, hot, HOT! But it's been quite mild here this year, and brought much-needed rain. So I'm feeling a little more kindly towards February than usual, so I feel I should defend it in return.

But for the shortest month of the year it sure does drag on some years.