08 February 2008

Grandpa's House

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Prior to the construction of Tuscany Village in Saanich, the little white house above backed on to another little house and where the condos sit now (on the left of the photo) was a large field, frequently filled with pumpkins and other vegetables.

This suited my Grandpa well; he lived in that house (along with my Granny and Aunt) for almost 20 years (from 1977 until his death in 1994). In his yard, he tended to apple trees and tiny wine-grapes (you can still see the vine on the back of the house) plus a large vegetable patch and just as many flowers -- mostly dahlias -- that easily took up half the back yard.

I'm not sure how happy he'd have been with the changes, but he would have enjoyed watching the construction and talking with the workmen.

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