31 January 2008

Today did not go as planned...

... but for a change, that was OK.

Stuff happened that, instead of making me want to pull my hair out or run through a wall Warner Bros. style, actually made me feel good about my job:

  • I got to meet with my managers and the outgoing grad student/intern over lunch at the University Club (f.k.a the Faculty Club) where we discussed the future of the work that I do -- what projects may or may not be coming down the line, what equipment may be purchased, staffing levels, training, and so on.
  • I got to be "promoted" to an admin of the UVic Libraries Facebook Page and encouraged to add content (such as photos) whenever possible.
  • I got to pose for a photo-shoot for The Ring to accompany a story about our current project in an upcoming issue (though they also took some shots without me, so there is a chance I won't end up in the final cut).
At the end of the day, while it might be fleeting, I at least felt like I was making a recognized contribution to the University.


Star said...

Sounds like a great day.

Scott said...

OMGZORZ You're an administrator! They're priming you for PEA. I can see the posting now: Administrator of Facebook and Scrabble Services. ;)

I'm very happy you had a good day! I hope it bubbles over all the way to Monday. :) See you after the weekend (...if I survive my snowboarding expedition)!


pastilla said...

Facebook AND The Ring?

Your internet presence now achieves a new level of indelibility . . . .

(A Torch article in 1996 still comes up as the top result of a Google Search of my name)