24 February 2008

Ah, Oscars.

I'm not sure when I started obsessing over watching the Oscars... but it is something I do every year, regardless of whether or not I have seen any of the nominated features. This year, we saw surprisingly few -- Sweeny Todd, Ratatouille, Golden Compass, and Pirates of the Carribean At World's End. Wow, that's fewer than I thought. At least many of them are available on DVD now, so we can catch up in coming weeks.

At any rate... since I apparently have little invested in it this year, I think I will just go and enjoy our last-minute spread of finger-food and watch to see if anyone trips on their way to accept a little golden statue.

OK, I know we are not the only remaining household without HDTV... so why the heck are all the montages running in widescreen HD format? Grr and argh.

Otherwise, this broadcast has been a pretty big yawn interspersed with some uninspired selections from broadcasts-past. Oh well.

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