23 February 2008

10 Things + Karma = Silver lining?

I've been pretty grumpy all month... so I thought it was time to take karma into account, stop bad-mouthing everything around me, and focus a bit on some positive stuff.

So, in the spirit of 10 Things, here are 10 things for which I am thankful and/or that made me smile in the past few days:

10. a night away from all the dust and disruption of home renovations
9. room service
8. the random discovery and purchase of four Star Wars Mighty Muggs.
7. a kid who can use the word emphatically correctly in a sentence and still be amused by giant footsteps:
6. Stash Teas (specifically White Christmas)
5. Picture-perfect Island scenery:
4. a good excuse to purge expired medicines from the cabinets
3. recently purchased movies: Zodiac, Infamous, The Desk Set, Sunset Boulevard
2. a new episode of SNL at last
1. Hubby, Kiddo, and Max the cat who share my life under this roof.

(now, karma, if you're listening, can we have our health back, please?)

1 comment:

pastilla said...

Word: This flu seems to have an emotional component (apart from the general despair that one feels after 2+ weeks of hacking and fatigue). I've been chatting to people in BC, Oregon and Ohio, who are all commenting on the attacks of Plath-esque despair that come and go during the recovery period. Kudos to you for focusing on the positive.