15 February 2007

UnHappy Valentine...

Ugh. Well, Tuesday night as I was awaiting hubby's return from the conference, I started feeling worse and worse. I thought it was just hunger, but as soon as I actually ate something, I regretted it. I spent the rest of the evening turning my stomach inside out... which meant no one got a proper night's sleep in the hotel... which meant that Valentine's Day was pretty much ruined. We didn't get to go anywhere on our "bonus day" in Vancouver -- just tried to eat some breakfast then headed for the ferries. Oh, and the weather was rough so the ferry ride was bouncy. As soon as we got home, I went to bed and stayed there until 8:00; roughly 24 hours after first feeling sick.

Hubby did get me a very nice necklace (dawww) and I got him a book (hmm, not quite equivalent, I think) but based on the last few years worth of crappy Valentines days, I think this will be the last one we attempt to celebrate.


In other news, my brother and his family are moving back to the West Coast next month which means we'll have a reason to visit Vancouver more often.

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