03 March 2007

So Much to Do!

Somehow, Victoria overbooked itself this weekend. There's the annual Be A Tourist in Your Own Hometown promotion (earlier than usual), the Canadian Homebuilders Association Home Show (in a new location), and the Times Colonist Book Sale (two weeks later than last year; I got some great bargains in 2006) -- all three are very popular events, and all are happening on top of each other.

Clearly, this city needs a personal assistant.

Of course, I'm not sure which of these I will be able to attend (OK, I won't be attending the Home Show), but I seriously need to get out of the house. We are all still plague-ridden... but so is half the city (seriously -- kiddo's class when she went in on Tuesday was down to 9 of 16 kids and a substitute teacher was in). I'm pretty sure we have the dreaded flu that we could have got a flu shot to prevent... next year maybe.

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Tim Bailey said...

Victorians, despite their constant announcements to the contrary, are still very cliquish and parochial. It probably never occurred to the organizers not to hold these events simultaneously, since they themselves probably never attend anything other than those events in which they're personally involved. It's also possible that they told themselves that "their kind of people" wouldn't want to attend the other events anyway, and so the overlap was immaterial.

The notable exception to this is tourism. Everybody wants to please the tourists, and so for the duration of the season, coordination is much better. If Victorians were all tourists, these sorts of cock-ups would be never happen.