20 March 2007

Cute Kid, Busy Mom

My Mother-in-Law relayed this recent exchange she had with kiddo:

MIL: "Oh, you are just like your parents..."
Kiddo: "Well yes. I am half mom and half dad," she paused, then whispered, "but I think my bottom half is like mom."

I nearly split my side laughing.


Today, work was... full of little annoyances. Enough that I came home aggravated, tense, and motivated to work on the Big List O' Unfinished Projects. I pondered my collection of coffee haiku, added another, but felt less poetic than necessary, so moved on to redesigning Frugal Victoria (no I am not linking to the current site. It is out of date and tragic). I'm using Drupal for the redesign which means re-thinking the whole thing, but that's OK... it needed to be done. And if you have any tips for frugal living in general, or Victoria in particular, let me know.

Hubby is going to buy a webhosting reseller account so we can move all of our sites off the coattails they've been dragging behind and out into their own. Plus we have a few new sites to show off (like PrefabSite.Net -- which is not ready for prime time yet, but which will allow people to answer a few questions and have a full Drupal site up and running in a few short steps.)

Slowly, things are falling into place... but I feel pretty good about it all right now.

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