18 March 2007

Family Stuff..

1. My brother and his family are now closer to "home" again. They left Ontario on Friday evening (hopelessly delayed with two small children in tow) and by last night had put an offer on a home in a suburb of Vancouver. He'll be at work at his new job tomorrow; his wife starts her new job on Tuesday! I can't imagine all the chaos they've been through in the last month.. and of course it's not over. On the other hand, I will happily take the trek to the mainland from time to time so that kiddo can see her cousins more often (she considers them to be "kind of like a little brother and sister" which is soooooo cute).

2. Today was the memorial for hubby's former stepdad (this was the death we got news of last weekend); we did not attend, but by all accounts things went as well as expected.

3. After another week of fever and lethargy, kiddo seemed to be feeling better this weekend. The biggest challenge has been getting her to eat and drink... but I think we are making progress. We did get out and about yesterday, partly so that kiddo could buy some books with her birthday money.


She'll be hanging out with her Nana for most of Spring Break this week; she'll be going to Grossology at the public library one afternoon, and Empire Theatres are offering $2 matinees, so she'll probably see a movie or two, too. Friday, I get to hang out with her, though we will also have to try and get the cat in to see a vet and run a couple of other errands.

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