11 March 2007

Weird Weekend..

Friday night, we watched I Bury the Living on TCM Underground. Great film; very Twilight Zone feel to it; I recommend watching it if you can find it.

Saturday was Kiddo's birthday party; it went well despite being underattended (only two of the 6 invitees showed) and getting some bad news (a death) just as things were getting underway. She still managed to have a good time (thankfully) and after we cleared things up, we watched Cars, which was one of her gifts.


Today, we totally forgot (more like blocked out and refused to accept) the time change... so we got up at 8:30 which was supposed to be 9:30 and my Mom was due here at 10 ish to pick up kiddo for lunch out. It all worked out and while she was out with Mom and my Aunt, hubby made a housecall (work related) and I hauled our laundry to the laundromat. We had a mellow afternoon and evening... kiddo and I baked cookies for her to share with her friends at school tomorrow.


After she was in bed, hubby braved the torrential rain to go rent a movie. He brought home Tideland, Terry Gilliam's latest weirdness.... it was disturbing and creepy and I didn't hate it... but I sure wouldn't recommend it without a lot of caution. Parts of it parallel the fantastic Pan's Labyrinth, but of course it's Gilliam (though it is based on a novel of the same name) so it all gets very, very strange. I should write a full review but I need to sleep on it, I think.

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