23 March 2007

Friday Night Entertainment..

Had the day off... ran some errands (Including taking a very nervous cat to the vet. He's fine, just one really rotten tooth that will have to be pulled), hung out with kiddo.

This evening, we dropped kiddo at her Granny's for the night with the plan of heading off for the Off the Grid Art Crawl. The idea, in principle, was sound. Unfortunately, as with most art showings, we both came away with the feeling that our art was just as good (or better) and thus we did not actually finish the crawl. In between galleries, we did have a very nice dinner at the Sushi Rock Cafe, and Studio 16 1/2 in Fan Tan Alley is one gallery I will visit again ... maybe even work up a proposal for a show.

So then we were left with deciding "what to do" on a Friday night. It seems we have alienated almost all our friends -- well, the ones without kids anyway -- gone are the days of the last minute phonecall "let's go to the pub!" There were no movies in town we felt were worth paying $20+ to see, and no bands playing that we wanted to see.

I suggested, finally, that we take the tripod and the cameras and go up to UVic to shoot photos for the Grid Project. To my surprise, this was acceptable. Yay! So... we spent a couple of hours poking around taking photos. ...
n27k_libraryafternhours n27k_hubby_settingup n27k_orange_doors n27k_stuck_in_time n27k_fridaymovie2 n27k_bookstore after hours

Eventually, we got restless and decided to go somewhere for dessert... we tried Whitespot... but the two things we ordered from the menu turned out to be unavailable. Grr. After some consideration, we ended up getting treats from Dairy Queen. Woo. (Actually, yummy.)

Tomorrow, we are (once again) headed up-island after retrieving the child. Whee!

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