13 March 2007

Slice of Life?

I missed the hoopla... but on March 5th, Life Network disappeared off the dial* to be replaced by (rebranded as?) Slice, which allegedly is aimed at me:

SLICE™ will cater to the highly sought-after target of viewers 18 – 49, with a core demographic of women in their thirties. With guilty pleasure viewing, SLICE™ brings an unapologetic attitude to topics that matter to women – family, fashion, relationships, celebrity, finances and gossip – to name just a few.

Mostly, it's trash TV... and looking through their programming, there's not too much to lure me over to Slice... though I did enjoy Beauty and the Geek, and have been known to watch Project Runway (they are airing the UK version, Project Catwalk) but I can do without Party Mamas (about women who go overboard planning parties for their spoiled children) and Newlywed, Nearly Dead (marriage counselling for newly married couples). Bottom line, I'm not likely to program the channel out of my presets, but I probably won't pause there too often either.

*hahah, "dial" I'm so old.

1 comment:

pastilla said...

Hey! How dare they offer "an unapologetic attitude to . . . family, fashion, relationships, celebrity, finances and gossip"???

Every show should start and end with an apology to viewers everywhere.

Maybe if you're lucky, they'll show re-runs of "The Swan." That was my zeitgeist mindless self-indulgence chick show of choice . . .