06 March 2007

Trying to heal...

So, Kiddo is on the mend. She is back to her perky self; full of energy and just the odd random cough. Hubby and I are not mending as quickly. For instance, I thought I was doing well by the time I went to sleep last night, but then got hit with a dizzy spell in the wee dark hours that kept spinning until after 8:00. I took it as a sign, tracked down some Gravol, and called in sick.

One thing that has helped is an herbal tea from Silk Road. It's called "seamist: mermaid's potion" and it's really basic: lemongrass and peppermint with a seaweed chaser (hence the name). It's lovely with a drizzle of honey, soothing to my throat and easy on the digestion. Ahhh.

We are still planning her party for the weekend; we've rented tables and chairs and tomorrow (touch wood) we'll head out to get her gift plus all the bits and pieces to do the party favours and fill the piñata (it's a non-violent piñata if you can believe it -- each child grabs a ribbon and pulls; one ribbon triggers the trap door. Sigh.).

Here's hoping we make it through to the weekend... I'm pretty sure this is the most I've been sick in a long while.

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pastilla said...

You let the opportunity to smack the hell out of Dora the Explorer (via an effigy pinata) pass you by?