01 March 2007

Clickety Clickety...

A few interesting things I have found in the past week or so...

Crafty: Rebound Designs... artist Caitlin takes books, removes the contents, and repurposes them as handbags. My favourite may be the Holy Bible... despite the sacrilige and the $125 pricetag. I'm a little stunned by the Crimson Fairy Book... that series is pricey (about $1300 for first editions; $300 for beatup later eds.)!

Craftier: 1x1 Art Squares... these teeny tiny art pieces are created in the same theme as Artist Trading Cards, but smaller. Lovely, but I lack the patience.

Mindwarp: Trailer Mash ... a collection of film trailers re-edited to alter the tone of the movie.

Timewarp: Sesame Street Alphabet ... collected animated clips from Sesame Street for each letter of the alphabet.

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Tricia B said...

Love the purses from Rebound Designs. I've got a few old Nancy Drew books around and I have to confess I never thought of making a purse out of any of them. Very creative recycling idea. For one of them she used the exact edition of Jane Eyre I first read when I was 13 or so. How could she rip the pages out of that one?!!!
It just shows you that it's possible for one person's treasure to become someone else's recycling/art project which then can become another person's treasure.
The wheel of life is a wonderful thing.
Thanks for a fun blog Cheryl.