26 March 2007

Normal returns...

Well, this weekend it seems we are finally back to "normal" -- as in, almost no lingering effects of colds or flu. It's nice to have everyone "back."

Saturday, we all went up to Nanaimo where hubby bought some VinaMold (low-melt vinyl for mold making) -- at the only place that supplies the product in BC (one of very few in North America, apparently). We also hit the Vancouver Island Thrift Store where I got some ridiculously cheap yarn and fabric including a huge bag of mostly velour scraps for $1.95.


While we were up there, we went to the Acme Cafe for lunch (mmmmMMm), where the above photo was taken. Afterwards, we went to Fantastic Rhythm (used music and video -- I love that store) and the Nanaimo Project Literacy Book Store (where kiddo got a book of Monster Riddles that she read on the way back home).

Sunday, hubby had a meeting, so I kept kiddo busy for most of the day; in the morning, she played with play-dough while I crafted, then we went to the park where she played in the sand for an hour. After dinner, I continued crafting and by the end of the day had two new creatures to show for it:


I'm really pleased with these creatures, made from some of the thrifted velour; I will be making more.

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