29 June 2006

Sleep Glorious Sleep

I slept from 7:30 pm last night until 6:00 am today!! Obviously, I needed the sleep. I can't believe how much more human I feel!

So, what's up with me that I needed so much sleep? Meetings. This week has been crammed FULL of meetings.... many of which are intense, requiring my full attention. But now, my training duties are done (for now), and my supervisor is back (so I can push all those duties off my desk). Which means, workwise, when I return from my vacation (4:00 today until July 10th), my duties should be back to normal levels. That said, I will be busy on the union side of things, working on the website.

In the rest of my life, kiddo is off for summer vacation; she'll be going to gymnastics camp for two weeks over the summer, and some other camps if they aren't full yet (we left registration a little late.. oops). In review land, I have made an arrangement with Creative Guy Publishing for hubby and I to review most of their catalog through the Medianook; we're starting with ebooks until the print books arrive.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Thirty seven candles. Seems an odd age... not quite middle-aged, not young. I'm now firmly outside the 18-35 demographic, and of course, not a boomer, I am in that nebulous Generation X. Meh. At any rate, rather than a party, I am going to hang out with hubby and kiddo and try to have a low-powered day.

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Z├ęzette said...

Happy birthday!

I'm 37 in a few weeks, too, and I'm having the same kind of thoughts about it. Young? Umm, depends on where you're looking at it from. Middle aged? Ditto. Does the fact that I'm living like an adolescent mean that I can cling to youth a little longer, or am I just pathetic?

Tim said...

Many happy returns of the day!

37 is indeed an odd age. I feel close enough to 40 now to really understand that I don't have unlimited time to start doing something with myself. It's been quite motivating -- and a little unnerving. But I also don't quite feel "old." Darned close, but not actually there.