03 June 2006

Sick, tired, rudderless...

As expected, by Friday afternoon my sinuses were waging full out war on my body. I left work about an hour early, not that I was very focused while I was there, came home and I flaked out while Hubby and Kiddo worked on making pasta with our new pastamaker (we got it second hand, along with the drying rack, through Craigslist.)



Last night I finally saw Finding Neverland -- how come I waited so long?? It really was a lovely movie and not at all what I was expecting (twee and overly sentimental). Depp, as usual, was brilliant.

Today was low power, mostly spent trying to move files off my drive (apparently 20 GB is not big enough for all my photos and music). Sigh. This evening, Hubby made more pasta (lasagna) and we headed down for a family dinner (they're all suffering from the same cold) and watched Dodgeball. I think that movie is funnier with successive viewings.

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