15 June 2006

It's my Friday.

I have a day off tomorrow and about a dozen things I would like to and/or should do. These include: going to the library, buying some new (or more likely thrifted) jeans, laundry, seeing my Mom, doing more Buccaneer research, and wandering around town taking photos.

Meanwhile I have a lot of work to do today. Urgh.

I saw a woman in the weirdest outfit this morning -- my camera was not at hand though -- she was wearing silver strappy high-heeled shoes, a little black skirt (possibly dress), a gold plastic raincoat, and a black knit ear-warmer/headband thing. I tried to imagine why she was wearing winter headgear in June, but I gave up when my head started to hurt.

Oh, and there's a new Adult Store in town: Susan James, which is aparently a very high end store, and is featured in this month's Where magazine. It's located in our old stomping grounds at Hillside and Quadra. Before the photos of scantily clad women went up in the windows, we were debating what the store would be; it said it was for "adventurous adults" but since we are on the West Coast, I argued that it could be a sporting goods store. I was wrong.

tags: dayoff, strange outfit, retail Victoria.

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