25 June 2006

Paper paper paper....

I find it odd that a group called Pollution Probe is sending me unsolicited junk mail.


On an unrelated note, I am annoyed with the Cars /Toys R Us/Cineplex "Scam and Win" (oh, my mistake that's Scan and Win) promotion. The cards have been handed out at movie theatres with kids' combos; at the bottom of each card is a barcode, scan it at Toys R Us and see what you win. In our case we won "$2 Gift Card" on both cards. Great, I thought.

Alas, I was told I had to wait for the cards to come in; they were expected the next day. I didn't get back to the store until today, and was told (again) that they had no cards, plus I was expected to fill out forms to claim the cards -- because "it all goes through Pixar." Yeah, whatever. I have just used 20 minutes of Toys R Us staff time, plus my time, plus whatever time it takes for staff to mail, process and return the gift cards. I figure in the end, it will take $25 or more to process $4 worth of "value."

I swear, if Toys R Us sold condoms (which they should -- I mean, the whole place is a GIANT advertisement for not having children), I would definitely use the gift cards to buy them, just to throw off all the data they think they are collecting.

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