09 June 2006

What a week....

Work has been a bit nutty for me this week (we have a big backlog due to equipment failure, and trying to solve/deal with that issue has taken up a lot of my time, as have the preparations for training sessions that start Monday).

We went to the info session/open house for kiddo's new Kindergarten class earlier in the week and, well, at this point we are really hoping they do create a K/Grade 1 split class because she is already way further ahead than we realized, according to the expectations of the Ministry of Education.

The session really renewed my apprehension toward sending kiddo to public school... and so I have pulled out my copies of Dumbing Us Down and Deschooling our Lives, I guess to just remind myself that hubby and I are not the only people with apprehension about modern public school. In some ways, to me, organized schooling can be as detrimental as organized religion.

Meanwhile, I am working on doing some research on local history topics and cleaning up my music files on the computer... both time consuming tasks. The research I am currently doing is about Buccaneer Days, which runs this weekend here in neighbouring Esquimalt. The 3-day celebration includes a parade (tomorrow), a midway, a pancake breakfast, and many other events, all with a pirate theme. What I am trying to sort out is exactly how pirates got into the mix of a celebration that started back in 1939 as a May Day festival. I'll let you know when I get to the bottom of it.

tags: work, schooling, deschooling, local history, Buccaneer Days.

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Tim said...

I've been fascinated by Buccaneer Days ever since I first heard of it, for the same reason as you. Apparently, Buccaneers were a particular subset of pirates who also raided ashore. The only reason I can imagine choosing this group as avatars for the city is acknowledgement that Esquimalt is dominated by a huge gang of swearing, illiterate thugs who occasionally make forays into Saanich and Victoria.

...Speaking of which, the school system is doomed to be the way it is because everything is about efficiency now. Kiddo may be bright, but she's in the minority, and although the system isn't about making factory workers anymore, she'll still have to be processed at the least cost to the taxpyer. Because it's all about value for money, don't you know.