19 June 2006

Facts of Life.

Totally forgot to mention... last night, kiddo asked where babies come out of. She was asking about goats (a while back we had seen a goat who had recently given birth at the Children's Farm at Beacon Hill park and she had asked questions which we put off. I guess she remembered) but I explained that all mamals worked more or less the same way.

So, I pulled up a visual aid (after an image search for: female reproductive system drawing) and explained where the colon was, the urethra, and the womb; and explained what came out of each. "Oh," she said, "Well, when I see babies they are usually held like this," she cradled her arms, "at the hospital."

Ahhhh. So I pulled up a photo of her at the hospital, like that. Then I showed her the ultrasound photos of her inside me. I told her in the one photo, the bottom of her foot was three centimetres long. Hubby suggested she hold up her foot now. She did; and I showed her that three centimetres was the length of her big toe now.

I expect the next question will be how babies get in there. Wish me luck.

tags: parenthood, reproduction, tricky questions.

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