05 June 2006

We caught them, so we suck.

At least that's what the talking heads on American networks seem to think.

Basically, RCMP, CSIS and Ontario Police worked together to arrest 17 suspected terrorists who were allegedly plotting some nasty attacks in Southern Ontario. To summarize: we caught them, before anything happened. Now apparently, this means Canada is a "hotbed for terrorists" and our "security is too weak."

Well, pardon me, pundits, but WE STOPPED THEM. No offence, but American agents didn't exactly stop the 9/11 terrorists. Also, those arrested were "homegrown" not unlike those who planted the bombs in London; they were inspired by Al Qaeda, but not linked to them. Idiots, if you ask me, but at least their plots seem to have been foiled.

So, if those folks who think this means we need more security would just shut up, I'd be a lot less cranky. Our security forces are working JUST FINE thanks.

tags: rant, Canada-US relations, terrorism.


pastilla said...

No, no . . . the talking heads meant "hotbed of tourists" . . .

FWIW, I've heard more "how can we learn from Canada?" feature stories here . . . have not heard the "hotbed" remarks for months.

Cheryl said...

Well, that makes me feel better. I did hear some CNN types and some local news types out of Seattle making the security comments. Also, even Jon Stewart joked about building a wall along the Canadian border on Monday's Daily Report.