12 June 2006

Joys of Strata Ownership

Urgh. Some people should not live in strata complexes. I am one of those people. [I find it amazing that four years ago, I was trying to set up a co-housing complex, but this was before we were so solidly dienchanted by co-ops in general. But I digress.]

Anyway... AGM was tonight.... and we had forgotten until an hour before the meeting. Ended up my getting a sitter and going because hubby had already made other plans. One upside, we did get to meet the new property manager. Long story short, our last property managment company was a group of incompetent twits who farmed out as much work as possible to their other company which did maintenance -- also a group of incompetent twits. The new manager is a bit brash, but at least he understands and can apply the Strata Act and has no interest in getting involved in any petty infighting (the last manager often dove into the midst of the mud being flung).

Aside from my grumbling that our strata fees were going up *again* (grr, argh, phoo), the big issue on the agenda was rental restrictions. In theory, I could maybe support a motion for rental restrictions if appropriately set out (in general, I think we are doing OK, and in the spirit of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" I think it would be unadvised to add restrictions). Unfortunately the garbage that was tabled was, as one owner stated, "draconian" and overstated, to say the least. Luckily it was soundly defeated. I was so frustrated by the end of it though, that had I been nominated, I would have let my name stand for council. That didn't happen (thank goodness).

What really made me laugh was our former council president, going on at lenghth about being more inclusive as a community... all the while she was moving her chair in front of me, excluding me from the circle of attendees. Gah.

You know... some days, I just don't think I am a people person.

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