22 March 2005

Working Girl in a Material World

I work to get money to pay for stuff. If I didn't want stuff I wouldn't need to work. So why do I want stuff? It's not like I need it. I keep bringing stuff home that I don't even have room for. Anyway, I am working and as a result I have a life full of stuff.

So if I were to stop working (well, if I were to stop leaving the house to drive 10 kilometres to go to a place that bores me on good days and frustrates or annoys me on most days and look like I am performing some kind of useful service...) if I were to stop all that, what would I do?

What would you do?

If everything else stayed the same (i.e. we stayed in the same city, in the same house), I'd get more housework done. I might start really writing, and submitting manuscripts. I'd definitely homeschool the kid and spend more time with her. I would not likely volunteer. I might be tempted to temp or get a throw-away McJob. I'd garden and bake more often.

Would I curb my spending? Sure. Would I miss it? Definitely. Could I learn not to miss it? Maybe. (My problem is that I was an impressionable teen during the 80s surrounded by peers with what seemed at the time to be limitless disposable income... and that was the decade where muic and videos really exploded thanks to MTV/MuchMusic, portable cassette players, CD players , and VCRs. It was also a time when Greed Was Good.)

If other things changed (i.e. hubby and I sold the house and bought a motorhome to tour the country, or just moved up-island, or one of us got a fabulous job somewhere else...) well, things would obviously be different. How different would depend on how drastically we changed things.

Right now, I'm just sitting here out of coffee with no breaks left, and wondering why.

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