21 March 2005

Media Scout - CDN news roundup

Media Scout is a free email service provided by Maisonneuve online. Maisonneuve magazine recently came to my attention through a writing contest, but when I started looking around the site I found a lot to like -- including this great article on why Jon Stewart for President is the only option the Democrats should consider for 2008.

I signed up for the free half-year trial of the print magazine based on the half-dozen articles I read. If the print edition stands up to the same level of irreverent intelligence, I'm buying a full subscription.

Aaaanyway. Media Scout rounds up and "interprets" the news from the "Big Six" of Canadian News (Globe and Mail, National Post, Ottawa Citizen (for federal politics), La Presse (for the Quebec angle), CTV and CBC). And thanks to media convergence that really does cover it all as far as national news goes. My first "issue" landed in my mailbox this morning. (Actually, gmail shuffled it into the spam folder, so now I'll have to spend a week telling gmail, "No! Bad! Bad mail client! Not Spam!")

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