03 March 2005

doctors and haircuts and knitting, oh my!

Took the kid back to the Doctor today (to summarize, she's been sick a long time -- since around Feb 8th or 9th -- she still hasn't seemed to get over the ear infections, and the last few days have seen random fevers plus she's still congested) so he confirmed that her right ear is still pretty bad, and said there is a nasty virus going around and the kids he's seen under 6 have all had the random fever thing for up to a month or more. Sucks. Especially since her birthday is around the corner (on the 12th).
This afternoon, Hubby dropped me off at the hair salon and I got a new do; it looks much better and feels sooooo much lighter. I finally decided to abandon the single-length plan because I was just getting bad A-frame hair. With the layers, I look normal again. Yay! Plus it really boosted the curls (though you can't see them as much from the front). Anyway, I'm happy.
Tonight I wanted to whip together a Java Sleeve (like these ones at Magknits) but I decided their simple pattern was not simple enough for me... so I whipped up my own. Alas, while the idea was sound, the end result was too big, and a bit wonky because I decreased too much, so I will try again.... when I get it right I will post the pattern and a photo somewhere.
In other news, Suzette should now be in our city... and hopefully we can meetup soon.

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Z├ęzette said...

Golly, I made the news! :O

Suzette is indeed in Victoria, having just awoken from a lovely nap on the sofa at Chez Tim.

Meeting up would be a mighty fine thing.