27 March 2005


As I type this, the kid is ramming around looking for eggs...

When we put together her easter basket last night, I ended up having to get a bigger basket! I have been buying things over the past few months and there was more than I remembered... still, she's happy. She just hugged her chocolate bunny. Lest you think all we got her was chocolate, there is also a Frisbee-style disc, an egg full of bunnies (like the barrel of monkeys), a notebook, a pair of socks, a necklace and some fun clay. Even some of her small eggs had non-chocolate inside.

The tough part was explaining to her cousin on Friday that she didn't need tell our kid about the Resurrection because she was too young to understand. This led to an unfortunately long conversation about the fact that hubby and I plan to let the kid investigate and choose a religion when she is old enough. Thank goodness her grandmother wasn't in the room to hear that nugget of info.

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