17 March 2005

Giant Insect Machines invade the forest...

This is too cool. Timberjack, the "Walking Forest Machine" has been developed by a Finnish subsidiary of John Deere to step more lightly on the land --literally-- while logging. The machine employs 6 insect-like legs which can actually step over obstacles such as stumps or tree roots and balance the load of the machine across the land even on ridiculously uneven or steep terrain.

Of course now the Pentagon wants one.

(Note: apparently Blogger has eaten my last two posts... I shall try to remember what I had to say and re-post it. EDIT: upon "republishing" Blogger found them! Yay!)

EDIT (again): Hubby says this is "old news." Sigh. Oh well.

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Stallionforce said...

I could own the campus in that thing: my co-workers would love me; women would love to go for a ride; heck, i could even work up a super-hero identity (Weevil Man)...now where's my scratch sheet?