12 March 2005

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little girl -- now 4 years old!

She got well-spoiled with plenty of movie-tie-in merchandise from The Incredibles -- bed set, pyjamas, stickers and sticker album, colouring sets, and theme cake (above) -- and also from Robots (we saw the movie last night; review to follow). She also got the inevitable Barbie merchandise, some karaoke discs and a professional microphone (thanks Grandpa!), some clothes, an I Spy book, and not one, not two, but 4 watches (!) plus the blanket (below), which was a big hit.


Z├ęzette said...

Hey, I Spy book! Absolutely the coolest books ever. In fact, annoying in that when I see them I think, "Damn, another cool idea that should have been mine!"

And is that a hand knit blanket I see there, you industrious thing, you?

(Big thanks for the shopping tips, by the way; yarn acquired and knitting commenced.)

Cheryl said...

Yes, the blanket is hand-knit! I started it around the same time I finished the Dr. Who scarf. I discovered I can knit on the bus (I can't read on the bus, so this surprised me...) which gives me more knitting time and sped up the process!

I posted more info about it on livejournal.

Stallionforce said...

She looks really happy, good job Cheryl and Dad.