19 March 2005

This that and the other

Updates a-plenty.

More than 10 days after posting the Need for Action and where am I? Not much further. In fact, I have not done any work on either of the in-progress manuscripts... though I have entered contests. And we filed our taxes early. And I mailed in our prescription receipts. None of this will make us wealthy of course. Oh well.

Learned that a friend of mine has accepted a position as head librarian at the Phoenix Art Museum; she starts in May! So perhaps next year we will be taking a road trip into the U.S. after all...

I have been dreaming about schools and other institutions lately. Yesterday, I actually woke up angry because some moron was giving me the worst service ever in the cafeteria -- he was letting staff go ahead of me, he took deliveries, and he even taunted me by dishing out the wrong meal, when he had already taken my payment. Oddly the meal I had ordered was a "pancake brown betty" which seemed to be three huge pancakes layered with Apple Brown Betty and topped with maple syrup and whipped cream!

Last night, Suzette and Tim joined us for dinner, complete with pre-dinner entertainment provided by a sugar-crazed four-year-old. Hubby worked his magic in the kitchen and eventually the kid calmed down a notch so the evening was, I think, a success.

Today we took a day-trip up-island (Duncan -- so that the kid could shop at a Sally Ann as she insisted -- and Nanaimo -- so she could go to a mall; specifically the mall with the fountain and Toys'R'Us) and splurged on new CDs (Gwen Stefani Love Angel Music Baby and Green Day American Idiot).

And now, the kid wants to bake cookies... so I have to go clean the kitchen.

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