02 March 2005

Trump Dreams

Since I work on a university campus, there is a certain amount of emphasis on job searches by students, by employers, and by . Workopolis Campus is currently advertising using a bookmark and poster campaign with the slogan "Dare to Dream." The slogan appears beneath a student with arms outstreched, apparently shouting for joy. Across his body are the following items beside check boxes: An Office, Parking, My Name on the Building. I don't much see the point of the ads, but one student scribbled across a poster these words "Who dreams of THAT?"

Hmm. You mean aside from The Donald?


Chloe said...

Yes, no cubicle for me. Or as Douglas Coupland wrote in Generation X, "veal-fattening pens".

carrie said...

If I had enough money to put my name on a building, I'd just name it "The Building." Just to mess with people's heads.

But that's definitely not one of my dreams.

Stallionforce said...

I was also suitably confused by that advert. There was something cruciform and messianic about the pose, as well. I suppose the new heaven is $$$, but even at that, I had to wonder about the appropriateness of the message on a fairly left-leaning campus.

And, after all that confusion, I took a swig of Gatorade, chewed some licorice, and ambled over to the fountain to watch young women chase bunnies into the Sunset.

Whaaa...nothing wrong with that?