05 March 2005

True Confessions

Over at Moxie.blogs they have a grand thread runing called Bad Mommy/Daddy Confessions. Even if you're not a parent, they are amusing anecdotes (I particularly like the one about the infant sucking on a razor (OMG!!!)) [Thanks to Carrie for the link]

Seriously, though.... in an era where child safety information is plastered everywhere (pamphlets, public service announcements, posters, warning labels... ) I guess maybe one could blame information overload... but I think it's just human to do stupid things that may even be ridiculously dangerous once in a while.

I'm guilty of a number of transgressions including (but not limited to) carrying the kid into her bedroom and bonking her head on the doorframe (while she was asleep, I think); getting home from the grocery store and finding she was not buckled in to her carseat; and realizing she was drinking from a sippy cup of orange juice that was an unknown vintage (how she kept from vomiting instantly is beyond me -- she had put the cup away in the cupboard next to our bed, I guess for safe keeping... we just lost track of the cup -- when I took off the lid, there was a LOT of green mould floating on the top of a brownish-orange liquid. We made her drink a lot of water.) =Shudder=

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