06 January 2008

Social time, family time, and some accomplishments.

I have no idea how I coaxed what seemed like an extra day out of the weekend, but I managed to crowd in a lot of stuff.

I knocked another item off the Big List o' Unfinished projects by installing (with hubby's help) and configuring e-commerce on one of our Drupal sites (the store is live but not quite ready for promotion yet... ) plus I bound another dozen Coffee Haiku minibooks (and prepped the remaining 15). Plus I tidied up a few things, including, with help again, putting away the remaining Christmas decorations.


We also took time to go to the RBC Museum yesterday (they are having an "admission by donation" promotion that runs until the 9th) and to the Sidney Museum and Mineral World/Scratch Patch today. Both outings afforded plenty of opportunity to test the new cameras.


I really feel like I got lots done this weekend which, while rare, is a great way to kick off the new year.

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