09 January 2008

Therapy has a volume level

... and mine seems to be around 11.

My ears are still ringing from the succession of loud, obnoxious music I cranked during the bus ride home, probably loud enough to disturb fellow commuters. I had a busy, frustrating day at work (interesting, at least, but I broke my brain in three places) and I required some very loud tunes to drown out the rest of the world and refocus. Luckily, my mp3 player dished out in rapid succession, Metallica's Enter Sandman; Bloodhound Gang's Bad Touch, Outkast's Hey Ya, LCD Soundsystem's North American Scum and Boney M's Rasputin. Awesome.

(**I can't believe I found YouTube links for all of those songs!)

Today, we began the real work on our latest digitization project which involves a number of resources dealing with Victoria's early history (ca. 1855 - ca. 1910). Included in the project are 5 hand-coloured maps of parts of Vancouver Island. Below is a shot of one of our attempts to photograph one of the maps:


We spent almost the whole day trying to get a usable image of that one map from the equipment we have into the computers we have on hand. Not as simple as I had anticipated. Most of the other documents should be straightforward aside from one diary/scrapbook (1874-1907) which is too large to fit on the book scanner (which puts less pressure on the spine), too delicate for our flatbed scanner, and may not lend itself to being easily photographed.

I came home to find that Canada Post, after under-charging me and my asking if the under-charging was correct, decided after the fact that in fact I had paid insufficient postage, thus returning the package I had sent to an etsy buyer on Saturday. I have emailed the buyer with my apologies and I will re-send the package tomorrow.

Happily, it's not all stress and grumpiness in my world. Last night I finished binding the 4oth and final Coffee Haiku book, so now I have to find some buyers! I also made some pendants from some of the "gemstones" (i.e. polished rocks) I bought at the Scratch Patch on Sunday. Today, along with the returned mail there was also a package from Sally Ride Science containing a complimentary copy of the curriculum guide in which my photo appears: Living Green (my photo is on page 29).


Last, but definitely not least, the grad student with whom I will be working for the next month on the above project is easy to work with. When he used the word "grok" in context and without calling attention to it, I knew we'd get along just fine.

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