31 January 2008

Homemade is soooo much better

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Some time ago, we slipped up and let Kiddo start using ketchup liberally. It got to the point where most of what she ate during any given meal was manufactured by the Heinz company. This time, when the bottle ran empty we said, "Enough! We will make our own ketchup." We have made it before, and it's easy enough.

It's also healthier (far less sugar) and pretty inexpensive; 2 litres of very fresh ketchup cost us about $9 (and could have cost less if we had bought the canned tomatoes and tomato paste on sale). Now that's a little more costly than Heinz (on sale, you can get 1L for $2.99) -- store brands are cheaper, still -- but we had complete control over what went into the end product.

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Star said...

Ho do you guys find time to do all this? I often feel that the meal is just an accompaniment for the ketchup when the CP eats here.