03 January 2008


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Hubby and I got new cameras today -- matching Cannon EOS Rebel XTis!

This is my first ever forray into SLR (Single Lens Reflex) photography so there may be somewhat of a learning curve. Happily, the Rebel comes with some presets so hopefully I can take some acceptable photos before I figure out what all the camera can do.

Interestingly, the camera I will be using at work for upcoming digitization projects, the Cannon EOS 30D is only one step up from this one (at least that's how it looks from Cannon's SLR website)

By getting the same model of camera, however, hubby and I can share lenses and other accessories while still having "our own camera" -- I really want a macro lens of some sort one day, and if a telephoto lens came our way, I wouldn't be likely to complain.

While this won't likely become my "everyday" camera (it won't fit in my pocket) I do look forward to some dedicated "photo days" in the near future.


pastilla said...

The very, very talented photographer who recommended my Optio-X camera to me, selva, uses a Canon EOS Rebel.

Good choice . . .

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! viva la Digital! SLR is sooooo nice. Digital SLR is trez Kool. -Matt Oleskiw