15 January 2008

She of addled brain...

I am so busy these days, I can't keep things straight. Yesterday I frantically gathered all the files for my committee meeting, went running across campus (late) and opened the meeting room door to find --
-- the wrong group of people.

Oops. Still convinced I had the meeting right, I thought maybe the others had gone to a different room. Some of the people there but not the rest; it was a different committee.

Turns out I was supposed to be there, anyway... I just had the committee and room wrong. Sigh.


Last night I dreamt of lions chasing a bear and of an albino moose.
What the heck is that all about?


Watched a late-night movie on ChannelM the other night: Demi-Haunted (Wan bok lut chaai), a comedy/ghost story about a long-dead Chinese opera diva who just wants to finish her final performance. It was entertaining enough that chunks of it are still stuck in my head, days later.... which is not making it any easier to keep things straight.

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