01 January 2008

Looking back ...

In case you've just joined this blog, already in progress, here's a quick little overview of what I did in 2007:

Jan - started contributing to theVictoria Grid Project; drafted a big list o' unfinished tasks
Feb - managed to get very very sick for Valentine's day
Mar - designed the first of the Huggitz creatures
Apr - Drupalized and re-launched FrugalVictoria.com
May - travelled to Naramata; visited the Abkhazi Garden for the first time
Jun - cleared out the storage locker, reassessed our big list o' unfinished tasks
July - Spent an entire day reading Harry Potter; decluttered some more
Aug - had a fun, productive, busy, creative month then broke my ankle
Sept - recovered from broken ankle and relaunched 951.cupe.ca as a Drupal-driven site.
Oct - celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary; madeover my etsy shop
Nov - traveled to Parksville and Burlington; blogged every day for NaBloPoMo
Dec - sold lots at the Libraries craft fair; designed my first knitting pattern, the Ma Cobb hat.

Here's a mosaic of some of the many, many things I sewed, knitted, beaded and otherwise handcrafted in 2007...

Craft-Fu 2007

Though there were many hurdles in 2007, we pulled through it with our health in tact, our home in one piece and our bellies... well, maybe a little too full.

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