24 January 2008

Jedi and Wookies and Droids, OH MY!

Star Wars has somehow (re)gained a very prominent place in the front of my brain these days. Kiddo (and Hubby) have been playing LEGO Star Wars almost nightly which would probably do it on its own.... but I have also had MC Chris' Fett's Vette on a constant loop in my head (YouTube has many versions of videos to accompany the song; my favourite version mixes live performance footage with some fun video game captures).

I'm not too far gone, though; I scoffed at the Church of the Jedi opening in Wales.

There was one bright Star Wars moment this week, at least. While browsing through one of my fave Flickr groups, The Secret Life of Toys, I saw this shot by SnarkHunter (above) which I recognized immediately as the graveyard scene from Hamlet.

Of course, that made me think about Shakespeare. Which made me think about my favourite movie adaptation of a Shakespeare play, 10 Things I Hate About You, which made me think about Heath Ledger. Which bummed me out a little. So... thanks a lot, Lucas.

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