21 January 2008

Meet MK7-111

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Fresh off the assembly line, MK7-111 may look a bit angry, but he's a softie -- literally! This plush robot has been in the back of my mind ever since we deconstructed that computer a couple of weeks ago.

I had left the little bucket of parts in view so I wouldn't forget them and last night, after finishing another plush creature, I thought it was time to make a robot.

I actually did some rough sketches before I started sewing (very unlike me) which meant that the finished product was just that much closer to the idea in my head. I have another one already sketched out and the parts set aside... hopefully that one will be done this week, too. Not sure whether or not I will put them on etsy right away... I might wait to see whether I make the cut for PlushYou. Either way, MK7-111 will be up for grabs sometime this year.

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