13 August 2006

The Neverending Kitchen Reno, part 3.

We've been painting this weekend.

Back in March, we painted one wall orange and hung a new (recycled) cabinet in the corner with some additional shelves. At the same time, we bought the tiles for the floor and a new faucet for the sink. In April, we installed the faucet ... yesterday we finally went out and got the rest of the paint -- melamine in "Wedgewood Green" for the cabinets (to cover the hideous woodgrain and to blend the recycled cabinet in with the existing cabinets) and "Honey Wine" for other the walls and ceiling.

Before: kitchen_b4 During: kitchen_during

Unfortunatley, the Wedgewood Green, which looks green on the paintchip, looks yellow on the cabinets, to the point of being indistinguishable from the Honey Wine (which is a yellowy-cream colour). We are debating getting another colour a couple of tones greener and re-doing the cabinet doors.

It's still a work in progress.. but we should be able to finish it next weekend.

Tags: home improvement, diy, kitchen

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