20 August 2006

Another Busy Weekend....

Friday: Adventures with smartcar (400 km (250 mile) driving in one day); more on the smartcar itself to come. For now, you can check out hubby's view over at the Fabulous Home Project. Later in the evening, we gathered with friends until kiddo wigged out, sleepy.

Saturday: painting, painting, flooring (peel and stick tile -- not terribly difficult, but annoying). Aside from a few details, we finished the kitchen. VoilĂ !


Sunday: tidied up, finished details (changing handles on the doors, rearranging stuff -- I threw out some unwanted and broken items -- etc...) and puttered around, then went out to get school supplies for kiddo then back for family dinner at my Mother-in-law's (hubby taught her how to make pasta from scratch).

I barely checked my email all weekend.... odd.

tags: renovation, testdrive, weekend

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