22 August 2006

wOO! We just tumbled into the 21st century!

(And only 5 years late!)

Yes... we bought an Xbox console today.... the first gaming console in our house. We got it at a pawn shop after work for $100 -- box and two controllers. Naturally, because I am the kind of dork I am, we got Namco Museum for the Xbox. Heh -- $100 to play DiGDuG (actually $112, because the game cost $12). We also bought Shark Tale at kiddo's request [shudder] -- another $15. Still, I'm looking forward to getting a dancepad and some Dance Dance Revolution action in the privacy of my own living room.

tags: stuff, gaming, console.

1 comment:

pastilla said...

Oh, nice find!

Namco Museum! ::chuckle::