29 August 2006

Party Stopover

My workplace has been invaded this morning by a Movie-of-the-Week called "The Party Never Stops." Curious, I phoned the production office this morning to ask what the movie was about. They told me it was about "sophomore (first year) college girls and the trouble they have knowing their limits with binge drinking." Oh boy.

They are filming in the stairwell and on the roof of the building; probably elsewhere on campus, too. There are crew trailers all over hell (as if the construction trailers weren't clogging things up enough). I suspect somehow it will screw up my day. We'll see.

tags: film production, victoriabc, movie of the week.


Trish said...

I think sophomore indicates a second year student; first year students are called freshmen. This just means the party girls will have had a year of practice in when it comes to their drinking. Nope, still doesn't sound like a great premise for a movie.
Using numbers for the years is much more logical. Spock is my hero.

Cheryl said...

You know, you're right about the sophomore/second year thing. It also fits better with drinking ages in most states.