14 August 2006

Kevin Smith needs to buy some big boy pants

...but aside from that, he makes me laugh, and that's OK.

Despite my gut feeling, I did watch Ebert and Roeper last night where Smith was the guest host (wearing his trademark shorts and sports jersey, saying things like "you gotta give the dude some mad props" -- at least he took off his baseball hat).

He started by threatening to "slap the taste out of [Roeper's] mouth" in return for the lousy review of Jersey Girl, so I stuck around. A few times, you could see Roeper squirming, but when he wasn't Smith's punchline, he was off camera laughing his ass off, so I think it evened out.

I wasn't surprised that Smith gave Step Up a thumbs up -- the man likes Degrassi High.

*tangent alert* Hey, neat! If I wanted to be a Kevin Smith stalker, I now know what his house looks like. Thanks Kevin!

I should fess up that I am writing this post while watching Clerks. Still funny.

tags: Kevin Smith, movie reviews.

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