08 August 2006

Movie Doldrums...

Not only is August the month when studios try to fob off all their loser films (um, please, Barnyard??? Note to writers: cows are female!!) but this August has begun particularly suckfully with Roger Ebert in hospital. Actually he's been there a while... but July was full of re-runs or clip shows of Ebert and Roeper (which, it's no secret, in our house we refer to as "Ebert and AssClown").

This weekend, they had Jay Leno as a guest on the other side of the aisle. It SUCKED. Yes, Jay, I'm sure you are a funny man, loved by millions; and yes, I'm sure you like movies, and you seem to see a lot of them, but geeeeeeez. The cardinal rule is you don't spoil the movie in the review. He let fly some pretty important details about at least two of the films. Even AssClown cringed.

Next weekend, Kevin Smith will be sitting in the guest chair, and while I am a huge Smith fan, I don't know if I will even bother tuning in for fear that he will spoil even more movies. Sigh.

I hope Ebert gets better and I hope if he is able he can continue reviewing movies. It's what he is best at, and I have heaps of respect for him even when I disagree with his reviews. However, if he doesn't return, for any reason, I really hope they cancel the show. Roeper doesn't get it. It was never the same after Gene Siskel died, but at least with Ebert there was still someone on the set who understood movies. Roeper has an opinion, but most of the time he doesn't understand the job of reviewing.

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