09 August 2005

Something's Afoot at the Local Denny's

So today, the family trekked off to Denny's for brunch (my Mom and Aunt share a birthday so we took advantage of Denny's free birthday meal offer). Well, the service was slow, and somehow got even slower. When I got up to use the washroom I found out why... all the staff were filling out bright yellow "Witness Statement" police forms and there were several officers hovering around the cash and entrance.

Curious, I tried to gaugue what was going on... I got bupkuss. Hubby left before we did and called me from the parking lot to say there were several police cruisers and a van; they had an evidence kit out near the front desk where someone was muttering about junkies, and the local news station had just pulled up with a camera crew.

From this I guessed someone had waved a needle at their waitress or cashier and bolted. I considered that it may have involved someone shooting up in the washroom (though the women's washroom had seemed clean when I used it, we had no report on the men's).

Watching the news later they had a short report: "A man burst into the Denny's restaurant brandishing a syringe and demanding the money. He escaped on a bicycle with an undisclosed sum of cash. A suspect was apprehended a short time later."

So, somehow by being seated at the back of the restaurant we missed all the excitement, and the only hint that anything had happened was that the service was a bit slower than usual. Only a bit. This may actually be a testament to Denny's staff.


carrie said...

This made me smile. Not sure why. But the fact that the place got robbed while you were there and didn't know it and that service was only a little slower than usual...classic.

I've never been served quickly in a Denny's. We could be the only ones there and it would still take an eternity. So perhaps you're right and it is a testament to the staff.

Cheryl said...

It was very surreal... and as you can see, it makes a great story. :)