02 August 2005

five things that make me happy:

1. Walking alone in shaded woods or gardens.
2. The sound of moving water in nature (ocean waves; streams and rivers; winter runoff or waterfalls).
3. Observing nature, with or without a camera in hand.
4. Finding something “hidden” in plain view.
5. Identifying plants, bugs, and animals.


Z├ęzette said...

Nature is incredibly healing. Times in my life when I've been unwell or struggling, time spent feeding birds or hiking, or even just pulling weeds in the garden has been absolutely integral to my restoration. Swimming in natural water is a biggie for me, too.

Katrina said...

I just found your blog today from following a link on another blog.
I love Victoria and all the wonderful little secluded spots around the city to truly enjoy nature! you are so luck to be living there, I moved after I graduated from UVic, but have never found a city that offers me such peace!