18 August 2005

North Studio CEO Steals Content

Here's the condescending response I got (see previous post for further details):

Frankly Cheryl I think you take yourself just a tad too serious.

I alone take full responsibility for the content that is and has been on this page for numerous years now and if you have an issue with that then you can pursue whatever options you think you may have.

I practiced law for 20 years and if you can convince a court that you have copyright over those 2 sentences of fact then I'll be happy to pay you court-ordered costs and damages.

Good luck :-)

Dieter Gerhard, LL.B.
President & CEO www.northStudio.com Inc.
301 - 771 Vernon Avenue
Victoria, B.C. V8X 5A7

Telephone: 250-721-9991
e-mail: dieter@northStudio.com

I guess he is such a busy lawyer that he has no choice but to STEAL web content.


Zézette said...

Gee, this guy sounds like someone I'd entrust with my hard-earned. What a lamearse. Sorry, make that lying, thieving, patronising git. Do what you must, Cheryl. ;)

carrie said...

What an asshat.

"Frankly Cheryl I think you take yourself just a tad too serious."

That's the sentence that did it for me. How can you write something like that to a person you don't know? Especially when that person is saying that you plagiarised their work...

And he calls himself a lawyer. I'd be calling a lawyer -- my own. Release the hounds! :)

Cheryl said...

Calling my own lawyer will be a last resort. I have, however called a journalist and a bureaucrat. :)

Zézette said...

Carrie, this stick is attacking Cheryl because he's been caught out. Classic childish attack-as-defence response.

At least your dealings with him will be brief, Cheryl; the poor bastard has to live with his vapid and talentless personality his entire life. Feel pity. ;)

Zézette said...

I forgot to add: "Frankly Cheryl I think you take yourself just a tad too serious."? I think this sample of his ideas on grammar may hint at the reason for his resort to plagarism. Probably a wise career move, on the whole.

stefanie said...

wow! this guy sounds completely unprofessional- that letter back was a pure example of that. out of control.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you could make a complaint to the better business bureau, and step up the fight from there.

Tim said...

My official legal advice: deposit several bags of burning dog shit on his doorstep.

Cheryl said...

Anonymous: I may well do so.

Tim: oddly, I considered that exact option last night.

Anonymous said...

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